3 Things To Do Before Installing An Irrigation System


Working to ensure your yard looks its best at all times is sure to be one of your goals. This can be done when you put forth the right amount of effort and do the ideal things. Of course, keeping your yard watered is the key to helping it look as lush as possible during the heat of summer. This makes it a good idea to install a water irrigation system to enable you to do so. However, there are certain things that must be done before you tackle this task.

Inspect your property

One thing you will want to do is take a long walk around your property before making any installation steps. This will allow you to see any obstacles that may be in your way and work to fix these before getting started.

For instance, if you have slopes in your yard or other problem areas, you will want to makes these less challenging to help you get the most from your system. This may mean leveling the hilly areas out for the best results.

Call your utility system

You will want to be sure to let the officials in your area know that you intend to put a water irrigation system in place. This is the key to not breaking any rules and ensuring you're able to have success with your efforts.

It may be necessary to have your utility company come out to your home and mark areas where lines need to be drawn to help you accomplish this job.

Determine how much water you can use

It's in your best interest to know well in advance the amount of water you can use to keep your lawn watered during the heat of summer. This can be achieved by giving your water company a call and learning this amount.

You may want to install a timer that will allow your system to come on when you aren't there and shut off during various times of the day for optimal results. This can allow you to get the most use from this device.

Taking time to consider all the things you can do to help make your lawn look fantastic is ideal. This could be the key to being the envy of all your neighbors and increasing the value of your home in the process. Be sure to work with a landscaper in your area to assist you with this job today. For more information, contact companies like Regency Irrigation.


12 September 2017

embracing swampy property and landscaping it

I have one area behind my home that is so swampy that I could not do anything with it. I figured that I would embrace the excessive moisture and find a way to incorporate it into the landscape design. I started working with a landscape professional to learn what plants would look great, absorb some of the water and require little to no maintenance throughout the year. He helped me find some great solutions for the problem and now, I don't look out my back window and see an ugly swamp, I see a serene environment that I love to call mine.