Preparing Your Private Road For Winter: Tools You Need


When you own a private road in front of your home, you don't get the benefits of the city coming out to plow your drive and road during the winter season. This means you need to be prepared for the foul weather when it comes. Here are landscaping tools you need to get your private lane and driveway ready for the unforgiving Canadian weather ahead.

Road salt

Road salt can be purchased in bulk from a landscaping supply company. Road salt works to make your road more manageable during winter by lowering the freezing point of snow so it is less likely to turn into ice. When snow hits your salted private road, it is less likely to freeze and stick to the road, making it more clear for safe driving. If you need to shovel your private road, it is much easier when the snow is not hard-packed or turned into ice.


As winter wears on, you will encounter areas of your road that begin to dip or get pot holes from moisture. Repeated driving on the road's surface can also cause any existing snow to turn into ice during the night, making the roadway slick and unstable. Having bulk fine gravel on-hand to sprinkle on your private lane can help give you traction where you need it most, such as areas where you turn around or pull into your drive. A landscape supply company has many different sizes of gravel in stock for you to purchase and keep on-hand for the winter season.

ATV/4 Wheeler

This machine comes in handy in so many ways. You can have a shovel put on the front of it for shoveling your sidewalk and drive, or have a bucket placed on the front of it to easily dispense road salt and gravel on your lane during the winter. When you are checking your mail or seeing the road conditions beyond your private drive, you can take your ATV instead of your vehicle to clear the way as you go. You can purchase ATV supplies and other landscape supplies from Peel Landscape Depot

You want to make sure you are ready for the winter ahead when you own your own private lane. Having bulk road salt, gravel, and a handy piece of equipment to help you clear your path can keep you ready for nearly any kind of weather all season long.


6 April 2016

embracing swampy property and landscaping it

I have one area behind my home that is so swampy that I could not do anything with it. I figured that I would embrace the excessive moisture and find a way to incorporate it into the landscape design. I started working with a landscape professional to learn what plants would look great, absorb some of the water and require little to no maintenance throughout the year. He helped me find some great solutions for the problem and now, I don't look out my back window and see an ugly swamp, I see a serene environment that I love to call mine.